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Sakagami (坂上弟) is a recurring character and minor antagonist in Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru.


Sakagami was first seen with neatly combed hair in the school. At school he is friendly and kind to everyone. But outside of school he has spiky dirty blonde hair.


Outside of school his true personality is revealed which is a thug shown when he goes on a date with Chiwa to embarrass her. Despite his cruelty, he was indeed coward after he suffered a defeat at the hand of Chiwa.  


Sakagami attends the same school as Eita and has a younger brother who is in the same class as Eita and Masuzu. He plays basketball. Nothing about his past is introduced in the story. But in his true nature, he is a cruel thug who told Chiwa that the date was a prank. In response to his cruelty, she ultimately beat and defeated him along with his thugs after they beat Eita Kidou up. He received bad injuries and cowardly ran away from her. He was never seen or heard for a while, but it is strongly implied that he had been suspended from the school after his cruelty has been exposed to the public.


Chiwa Harusaki

Sakagami accepted the "confession" from Chiwa and invites her to go watch a movie with her. But his true colors are revealed as he mockingly say to Chiwa that the date was all just a prank. However, he met his misfortune, as she brutally beat and defeated him, causing him to run away along with his group.