Saeko Kiryū
Kanji 桐生 冴子
Romaji Kiryū Saeko
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Relatives Eita Kido (Nephew)
Voice Actor Kaori Nazuka
Saeko Kiryū (桐生 冴子, Kiryū Saeko) is Eita's aunt and lives with him. She works in a gaming company but she rarely comes home due to work. She also knew that Eita and Natsukawa wasn't a real couple right from the start. 

Personality and Looks Edit

Saeko has brown hair that goes slightly below her shoulders. She keeps her hair in a low ponytail style with a hair band. She also has a yellow clip that keeps part of her bangs aside and has brown eyes. She can spend long periods of time without ever sleeping. 


Saeko started to take care of Eita when his parents were divorced. Not much backstory was shown in the anime except that she was Eita's aunt and took care of Eita when he was young.

Relationships Edit

  • Eita KidōEita is Saeko's nephew. She started to take care of Eita when he was little since his parents were divorced. She was quick to notice that his relationship with Masuzu was a fake one. She tells him to raise flags of her route as well jokingly. She really enjoys his cooking and warns him about how beauty can be deceiving..

Masuzu Natsukawa Saeko knew that off the start that Eita and Masuzu wasn't a real couple. They later tried to convince Saeko that they were a real couple, but Saeko didn't believe them. 


  • According to Eita, she thinks sleeping on desks helps her sleep well.
  • According to Saeko, when she met up with Mazusu, she is late of greeting on 0.5 seconds, that's why she known that Mazusu and Eita is FAKE
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