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Miharu Misora (美空 美晴 Misora Miharu) is a character that appeared in the third manga, Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru+H. She is a second year middle school student. She goes to a private girls school called Fifunel Girls Middle School and the daughter of a middle school principle.


Miharu has long light brown hair along with a curly ahoge and orange eyes. She is mostly seen wearing her school uniform of a white collared short-sleeved shirt with a tie under a light brown colored vest with a pocket on the left chest and a black plaid skirt.



Her childhood friend, Keita Fujinami, fell in love with Masuzu Natsukawa and Miharu helped him write up a letter of confession to Masuzu. He was rejected by Masuzu in front of the school gates. He became a laughing stock of his school when someone took a photo of the rejection. He stopped going to school because of this. Keita later blamed it on Miharu for telling him it was her idea to confess. He moved to another university and won't meet with Miharu which depressed her. This angered Miharu to the point that she seeks revenge on to Masuzu by trying to steal Eita away from him.


Eita Kidou

Miharu tries to steal Eita away from Masuzu to get revenge upon her. She calls him "onii-chan" because he looks like her "deceased" brother.

Masuzu Natsukawa

Although Miharu acts coldly to her and seek revenge on her for causing her childhood friend grief, the strained relationship ceased towards the end of the manga and gave up her revenge. Masuzu gives her an envelope filled with her previous rejected love letters to encourage her, and a sign-in sheet to join their club when Miharu returns.

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