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Masuzu Natsukawa (夏川 真涼 Natsukawa Masuzu) is one of the main female characters of the Oreshura series.

She is a first year high school student who just recently returned to Japan after spending nine years overseas. Despite her quiet demeanor, she is popular at school and is constantly confessed to by many of her male classmates. Just like Eita Kidou, she hates romance despite seemingly developing an attraction for him.


Masuzu is an extremely beautiful fair-skinned girl with deep blue eyes, straight waist-length silver hair and bangs that fall just above her eyes. Like Hime, despite the fact that Masuzu looks slim in her school uniform, she is actually very well-endowed and has a curvaceous figure, as shown whenever she wears her swimsuit.

She is mostly seen wearing her school uniform, but outside of school, she is seen wearing more casual clothing such as sundresses.


To those that don't know her personally, Masuzu is a quiet and reserved girl. In school, she actively avoids talking to most people, preferring to stare out the classroom window from her desk. She is brutally honest with her beliefs almost to the point of being cold. Due to her beautiful and elegant appearance, she is often lusted after by many of her male classmates, though she turns down their confessions every time. At the start of the series, she was confessed to 58 times in 2 months.

Just like Eita Kidou, Masuzu hates romance. She often mocks others that desire to be relationships as people with "love on the mind". In order to avoid being asked out by her classmates, she blackmails Eita using his personal diary into be her fake boyfriend.

It is later revealed that Masuzu has been putting up an act in regards to her stance of love. As a result of having to act the "perfect child" for her father during her youth, she develops a sort of identity crisis, often having trouble expressing her true feelings and emotions to other people. This is evidenced by her interactions with Kidou, as by later in the series she has clearly developed feelings for him, but continues to deny them or make excuses for whenever she shows acts of affection.


Masuzu was born into a wealthy family and is the older sister of Mana Natsukawa. She spent nine years overseas in Sweden before returning to Japan. She was known as the jewel of the Natsukawa family, and she was used as a tool and accessory by her father in order to show off to his high society. Years of having to act the "perfect child" caused a rift in Masuzu's psyche, causing her to have an identity crisis. At some point, Masuzu's parents split, and she has waited patiently for her mother's return ever since.

Masuzu eventually starts her first year of highschool back in Japan, where she is seated next to Eita Kidou.


Eita Kidou

Initially, though seated next to each other in class, Masuzu and Eita didn't interact with each other. Eventually, Masuzu took interest in Eita and ended up confessing to him in front of the entire class. After walking home together, she later reveals that she was faking her attraction and explains her plan to use Eita as a fake boyfriend in order to ward off other boys from asking her out. To trap Eita, she threatens to leak the contents of his personal notebook to the public unless he goes along with the plan, which he reluctantly accepts.

When with Eita, Masuzu acts more bold and flirtatious, and she loves to use Jojo references to trick and seduce him. One of her favorite antics is reading Eita's notebook of fantasy that is filled with embarrassing things out loud in front of him, often with Chiwa and/or Himeka around, causing Eita to squirm in embarrassment. Overtime, Masuzu begins to develop feelings for Eita without realizing it, and with this, her teasing and antics lessen. At one point, Eita saved Masuzu from drowning in the school pool, and when he revealed that he had to give her mouth-to-mouth to save her, she was visibly flustered.

By the time of the beach trip, Masuzu has full-on developed feelings for Eita. This causes a rift in her psyche, as she has now fallen in love despite initially being opposed to it. She offers to return Eita's notebook to him and release him from his service as a fake boyfriend in order to avoid falling deeper in love, but Eita refuses. In an attempt to to ward him off, she claims she has always hated him for initially not talking to her in class, his close relationship with Chiwa, and his obsession with his grades. Eita sees through Masuzu's act and kisses her, cementing their relationship.

Kiss in 13 Episode.

In the end of Volume 6 of the light novel, after a tremendous fight with Himeka who accused Masuzu of falling for Eita, the book ends with Masuzu severing the ties with Eita, freeing him from the contract.

At one point, Masuzu broke up with Eita and tried to pair him with Chiwa. However, Eita later found out and confronted her, declaring that she is the one he truly loved, causing them to get back together again.

Chiwa Harusaki

Masuzu and Chiwa are love rivals as they are always fighting for Eita's attention. Chiwa becomes jealous whenever Masuzu is affectionate with Eita, much to Masuzu's enjoyment. Though seemingly always at odds, Masuzu comes to appreciate Chiwa as a genuine friend when the latter gifts the entire club "Z"-like kanji accessories for their cellphones.

In the last episode of the anime, Masuzu catches Chiwa steal a kiss from Eita, causing the two to have an intense stare-down.

Himeka Akishino

When Himeka gave the club "Z"-like kanji accessories for their cellphones, Masuzu called her "real". While they are love rivals, Masuzu seems to enjoy Himeka's company and values her as a friend.

Ai Fuyuumi

Ai is an intense love rival with Masuzu. At one point, Ai guessed the real reason why Masuzu and Eita started "dating", but Masuzu managed to redirect the conversation. Despite being at odds, Masuzu appears to enjoy Ai's company and values her as a friend.

Saeko Kiryuu

Masuzu tried to get Saeko, Eita's aunt, to believe that she and Eita were truly a couple. However Saeko was smart enough to see that they were faking the relationship, much to Masuzu's frustration. When Saeko secured a trip to the beach for Masuzu and the others, she was grateful.

Mana Natsukawa

Mana is Masuzu's little sister. While seemingly always at odds and in the midst of a deep sibling rivalry, Mana is shown to still care for her older sister. She often tries to convince Masuzu to come home in order to avoid their father's anger.

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  • Her name Masuzu means "real, true, genuine" (真) (ma) and "cool" (涼) (suzu).
  • Masuzu's surname Natsukawa means "summer" (夏) (natsu) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).
    • Combining the two words would make her surname mean "Summer River" or "Summer Stream".
  • Masuzu has a habit of going commando (not wearing panties) which she often teases Eita with, by flashing her bottomless tights.
  • Masuzu suffered a mental breakdown caused by identity crisis as a result of having to put up her false personality to her father for a long time.
  • Although Masuzu is good looking in her swimsuit, which often causes her to become the center of attention among men, Masuzu actually can’t swim at all as she would drown after a few meters of struggling.
  • Masuzu often uses her spare time to read Eita Kidou's notebook, so that she can dig up his embarrassing fantasies in order to use them against him, and writes them down whenever she finds out something new about him, but eventually she’s touched by the last entry of Eita’s notebook which states that he will become a doctor and cure Chiwa Harusaki's injury.
  • Masuzu discovered Eita's notebook in a used bookstore in front of a station.