Mana Natsukawa
Kanji 夏川 真那
Romaji Natsukawa Mana
Age 14
Birthday ?
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Indigo
Blood Group ?
Relatives Masuzu Natsukawa (sister)
Voice Actor Nao Tōyama
Mana Natsukawa (夏川 真那 Natsukawa Mana) is Masuzu's little sister. She wanted Masuzu to come back to Sweden with her and she also reports her sister's activities to their father. She is always seen with her bodyguard accompanying her at all times. In the light novel, she aimed to make Kaoru Asoi fall for her.

Appearance Edit

Mana has blond hair that is tied up to two pigtails with red ribbons. She has indigo eyes. She is seen with a long white-sleeved shirt with a red vest over the shirt and a red bow at the collar. She also wears a red pleated skirt and shoes with red ankle-high socks. 

Background Edit

Mana studies at the middle school division of the Nenaka's Girl Institution, a rich girl's school.

Relationships Edit

Masuzu Natsukawa Edit

Mana is Masuzu's little sister. She always reports her older sister's activites to her father but she loves her although she tends to feel inferior compared to her older sister. When Mana told Masuzu's story to Eita she calls Masuzu jewel. She also told Eita the cause of Masuzu's twisted personality.

Kaori Asoi Edit

Their first meeting was when Kaoru pointed out that her underwear is showing, much to her embarrassment. Kaoru helped Mana by teaching her how to ride a bike. While Mana initially viewed Kaoru as a slave and throw him away while he's useless, her feelings changed. She started to slowly fall in love with Kaoru, unaware of his true gender. Kaoru, who came in as Kaori and introduces herself as his twin sister, seems to reject Mana's feelings and told her that he was aware of Mana's feelings. She then decided to make Kaoru fall in love with her after entering his school and throwing him away like broken garbage.

Hime Akishino Edit

Mana is on good terms with Hime as she finds her easy to talk to. She wanted to go to the same high school where Hime is studying. Mana started going to Hime's house every Sunday after she once bought a doujinshi during the summer and went to her house to borrow the source. Mana tends to confide in Hime about her worries.

Eita Kidō Edit

Mana tells Eita about Masuzu's background and helps Eita understand that he's in love with Masuzu. At the start she disliked him. When she gets angry, she calls him a "virgin". 

Trivia Edit

  • She has a bike nicknamed "Celine-chan". While, she originally goes to school by car but ever since coming to Japan, she had been wanting to ride a bike. She was initially bad at riding a bike but with guidance from Kaori (disguised as Kaoru), she managed to ride it perfectly.