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Kaori Asoi (遊井 カオリ Asoi Kaori) is Eita Kidou classmate and best friend, who sat close to him until the seat change. She has known Ai Fuyuumi since elementary school and calls her A-chan. She was formerly known as Kaoru Asoi (遊井 カオル, Asoi Kaoru) when she disguised herself as a male. Her real identity was revealed in the light novel.


Kaori has grey hair that reaches up to her shoulder and dark grey eyes. It is hinted in the story that he might actually be a girl, or is in love with Eita. She first wore the boy's standard uniform when disguising as Kaoru although she later dons the girl's standard uniform with white stockings and garters.


Kaori is kind-hearted and will help someone in need.


Eita Kidou

She's a friend and classmate of Eita, and it is hinted that she harbors some feelings for him. In the light novel, she confessed to Eita as Kaori Asoi, her real identity.

Ai Fuyuumi

Kaori and Ai are childhood friends that went to the same elementary together. Kaoru usually calls her A-Chan and Ai hides the secret of Kaori actually being a girl.

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Light Novel


  • In the light novel, Kaori Asoi claims to be Kaoru Asoi's little sister to avoid being found out.