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Chiwa Harusaki (春咲 千和 Harusaki Chiwa) is one of the main female characters of the Oreshura series. She is a first year high school student and the childhood best friend of Eita Kidou, who she has a crush on. Because of this, she is a love rival with Masuzu Natsukawa.


Chiwa has bright orange hair that is mostly let down, but there are two small sections of her hair that are tied into small ponytails usually with ribbons. She has violet-colored eyes and fair skin.

Her friends often call her 'chihuahua' (Chiwawa), due to her petite stature and two ponytails that resemble puppy's ears.


Chiwa is a friendly, boisterous, playful girl. She is quite possessive of her childhood friend Eita Kidou, and becomes incredibly jealous whenever Masuzu Natsukawa gets close to him.

At the start of high school, Chiwa initially wants to be popular with the male students and tries to stand out. However, she eventually realizes that she truly only wants Eita, leading to a breakdown, and she gives up trying to impress others.

Chiwa is extremely fond of meat of all varieties, and it is her favorite food.


Chiwa used to be in the Kendo Club until the last year of junior high school, and during the summer, she got a critical injury that wouldn't allow her to play. Therefore, she couldn't play in matches or join any sports teams. She met Eita Kidou one year after Ai Fuyuumi did, and the two became childhood friends.


Eita Kidou

Eita is Chiwa's childhood friend whom she met during first grade, nine years ago. She always comes over to Eita's place for food, since she is a terrible cook. She lives right next door to Eita's place. She is deeply in love with Eita.

Eventually, he likes her as a sister. In the last episode Chiwa kissed him, and he was taken aback, not understanding what happened. She then repeated that she loved him, which was a bit of a running gag throughout the entire series. After the confession, he seemed to be about to go back in, possibly for either some sort of embrace or another kiss.

Masuzu Natsukawa

Chiwa considers Masuzu as a love rival. They often quarrel for Eita's attention and affection, but they become friends.

Himeka Akishino

Both are on good terms.

Ai Fuyuumi

Despite their rivalry, Chiwa managed to befriend Ai.


  • The name Chiwa means "thousand" (千) (chi) and "peace, harmony" (和) (wa).
  • Chiwa's surname Harusaki mean "spring" (春) (haru) and "blossom" (咲) (saki).
  • Chiwa's hobbies are skirt steaks and tripes, relating to beef.


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