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Etonee Etonee 12 September 2021

Wiki Moderation Plans

Hi potential readers, Eto here.

I have recently become the sole bureaucrat of the Oreshura wiki.

Since then, I began revamping the wiki. I'm writing this intending to record my progress on what I'm trying to accomplish.

  • To take care of previous page vandalism, banning the users involved. - Complete.
  • Revamp the home page. - Almost Complete.
  • Update the wiki-navigation. - Complete.
  • Creating a template for volume pages and adding it to every volume page. - Complete.
  • To create Navi-boxes that ease the experience of exploring the wiki. - Yet to start.
  • To add all available volume illustrations to each respective page. - Almost complete.
  • To proofread every character page and correct potential grammar errors. - Yet to start.
  • Go through every page and delete the usele…
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Selin Lucy Selin Lucy 14 October 2013

Masuzu and Eita

I ship them really hard. They're really cute couple. Sometimes I think how someone can ship Ai and Eita?! Ew! Just look at Masuzu and Eita moments. Okay... I can understand Chiwa and Eita - but I look at them as brother and sister.

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